NATIONAL YORKSHIRE PUDDING DAY –  3rd of MARCH  We all love a giant homemade Yorkshire pudding, Join us for a fantastic special and the best Sunday roast in The New Forest. There is no better way to spend your Sunday! Book your table now.

STROVE TUESDAY – 5th of MARCH The favorite day of the year. So yummy. Join us for some fantastic pancake’s made by a talented team in the kitchen. Save the day in your diary!

QUIZ NIGHT 15th OF MARCH – THE BIG FAT COMEDY QUIZ. This time will be different. Much more fun and we will test your comedy knowledge. Book your team now! Don’t miss out!

NEW MENU 22nd OF MARCH – It’s that time of the year when we will be changing our menu again. Something more excited it’s coming along.




ST GEORGES DAY – We will surprise you with some fantastic British classics through the whole of April

NATIONAL COFFEE WEEK – 29th of April – The team New Forest Inn will show some amazing skills with delicious coffee desserts and coffee drinks. You must try this one.


COFFEE MORNING 4th OF MAY – We will be supporting the Wave 105 charity by making some delicious cakes and coffees. Every little help it’s a good help.

VEGGETARIEN WEEK 13th till 19th OF MAY – Delicious vegetarians specials will be available all week long.

WORLD WHISKEY DAY 18th OF MAY – 6 whiskeys from 6 different countries. There will be a price for everyone who takes part.